Welcome Weirdos!

What does one say when writing an announcement post for a website relaunch, especially when the site has enough relaunches in the past that nobody has kept count? “Legion of Weirdos… THIS time we’re REALLY back! We mean it! You’ll see!”

What about a solemn promise or something?

OK… as your dutiful editor, I promise to work through the issues of scheduling, finding time around my infant daughter’s needs and taking advantage of the peak efficacy hours of my Adderall, and keep myself motivated enough to avoid this being yet another one of those sites that starts strong and goes stale in a few weeks. That one good enough for you?

Look, making stuff for the web when you have a full time day job is hard enough… add to that a newborn baby, he household chaos that comes with a baby, and a very needy overworked and tired wife… well… you can imagine, right?

By the way, don’t tell my wife about what I just said didn’t say. I don’t want her to kick me in the balls again.

I’m kidding. My wife wouldn’t kick me in the balls again.

Anyway, the thing is making stuff for the web is fun!

Recently, I watched a video blog by a fellow named Urgo where he says “don’t postpone joy.” Keeping that in mind, I’m going to spend more time on the joy of making things for the web. So here we go!
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