Where Does This Stuff Come From?

A large portion of the Legion of Weirdos photo posts to its Facebook page are created specifically for the site.  Sometimes when I find something online that’s particularly funny, I’ll share that too, but the real fun comes from being able to caption a silly photo that I found or Photoshop-together something goofy.

Another bit of great fun on the Legion’s Facebook page is the inclusion of little bits of random informational facts.  You’re welcome.

All of the random factual quotes are verified with good sources, not just culled from some bullshit “weird random facts” website where they’ve gotten their content by simply plagiarizing some other “weird random facts” website, ’cause their “facts” are usually crap.

Got an idea for a post you’d like to see on Legion of Weirdo’s page?  Feel free to drop an email!  Keep in mind that if it pushes the NSFW boundaries too much, has been featured on a popular page like George Takei’s (where millions have already seen it), or if it just plain sucks, it won’t get posted.
Image by Legion of Weirdos

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