I Am Burgeoning For to Comment

I don’t understand how there could be any useful purpose in bot-created spam comments on a blog. I know it has something to do with cross-referencing and search engine optimization and whatever, but will that really lead to someone being more likely to click a link such as http://szamba-betonowe-caly-kraj.pl/? Where the hell is that anyway, Poland? 

Now I’m imagining a Polish robot dutifully typing spam comments.

They’ve gotten to the point of saturation where I don’t even pay much attention anymore, I just do a batch deletion and move on. Every once in a while one of my blogs gets an honest-to-goodness real comment, but usually anyone who reads my blogs will comment on the Facebook link to the post instead, which I’m fine with because it’s more likely to get more people to read the thing. Facebook is where the traffic is.

My favorite one as of late is:

An are lucky a sufficient quantity to catch the attention of very popular music labels.
Greater manchester had a flourishing music scene before Madchester happened.

I had to read it three times to even figure out if I could imagine it as a couple of sentences. Maybe I’m not alone in this. Maybe other people get these obnoxious bot comments on their blogs. Maybe leave a comment and let me know? Hehe…
Image created by Legion of Weirdos


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