Not Responsible for Exploding Brains

The Legion of Weirdos Facebook Page has become a proud collection of random, intersting(?) knowledge. That’s because of how the brain of your lovely L.O.W. editor (my brain) works. I’ll be going through my day and hear or read something strange, or even more sinister, I’ll wonder about something and look it up, and if it seems sharable I dump in on the Facebook page. Whee.

Along with that, I like to share images I find online in weird places (usually just credited as “found online” because many of them are damned near impossible to trace back to the original source).  You’ll occasionally find links, too, to other sites and Facebook pages that haunt the same backalleys of the internet where L.O.W. dares traverse. These would include the Calm Down it’s Just a Joke Facebook Page and the comic site The Oatmeal. I do that because I like giving shoutouts where shoutouts are due. Of course I would shout out the likes of George Takei, but you all already know about that page already…

Legion of Weirdos just got a fantastic shoutout (or I guess, “groan-out”) from OhCurt on YouTube .You should most definitely go check that out yourself. Also, he’s got quite the collection of video blogs covering subjects like gay rights (he’s gay, duh), cats (he’s a cat lady he owns cats), and what it’s like to live in Los Angeles (he lives in the UK).

OK.  Go. …Now.

OhCurt videos page on Youtube
Thumbnail image by Legion of Weirdos / OhCurt


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