The Weirdo Promise

benchswingHi! I’m your Weirdo editor, Christopher. I’m the leader of the massive crew here at the Legion of Weirdos headquarters. Crew? Sure… there’s my occasional proofreader, who’s also my wife. There’s my inspiration, who’s also my main distraction, my daughter. Oh, and there’s my dog. I’ll find a task for her. Someday when this site is huge I’ll have a paid staff and interns and fangirls… Just kidding about the fangirls. Or not. Maybe I shouldn’t send this post to the wife for poorfreading.

As I’ve mentioned before, so many websites are built around getting you to click links and view ads rather than just providing good content. If you do a search for “blogging”, or worse yet if you look for podcasts on the subject, you find lots of sites advertising “strategies” and “tactics”. Hell, some of these people only blog about getting people to read a blog!

Of course I want you to click my articles and see my ads. Of course I want you to hang around and explore, and I’m planning some additions and expansions on the site soon that will provide even more ground for exploration. I want you to come back again and again.

I DON’T want you getting frustrated because my site takes too long to load because of ads. I don’t want you to get pissed because you can’t catch the popup ad that’s floating and bouncing across your screen. I won’t give you videos that start automatically. I won’t make listicles that make you refresh the screen with every item time after time after time. I won’t force you to log in or give up all your Facebook info just to read my stuff (although I might have to do something like that with the comment section as 99.867% of my comments are from bots). I want you to have a pleasant experience at Legion of Weirdos.

Sit down. Relax. Have a coffee (or a Scotch) and let’s have some fun.
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Swing image by Christopher Mast


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