What the Fruck is a Podcast?

According to data at the Pew Research Center, it seems about a quarter of the population listens to podcasts. Frankly, that number just seems high. The official and unscientific Legion of Weirdos survey came up with a figure of about 5%, with not even 25% even knowing what a podcast really is or where to find one.

If you happen to be in the 75%-ish group who doesn’t know what a podcast is, we’ll explain it here. If you know someone who needs enlightening, point them here. If you’re in the 20% who knows what a podcast is, but doesn’t listen to them, start! Start with ours, which is available on iTunes, and then look around some of the “related” podcasts and check them out too. There are most certainly podcasts that will leave you pleasantly surprised no matter what you’re into!

Basically, a podcast is like a talk radio program, but primarily available as an audio download or stream instead of it being a live broadcast. Basically, it was originally intended to be played on an iPod or similar device, hence the name. Digressively, remember the Zune?  Now you can stream podcasts via iTunes or a smartphone app to listen to them in the car, on a bus, with a fox, in a box, in a house, with a mouse, etc.  There are several apps available on mobile phone platforms, you can download them to iTunes on your PC, or get them from their source websites via an RSS feed. What’s an RSS feed? Yeah, that’s a different article.

No matter the topic, you can probably find a podcast for it. Wanna learn home repair? There are podcasts for that. Wanna get inspired to start a running and exercise regime? There are podcasts for that too. Wanna become a pickup artist? Yep. There are whole categories for arts, business, games, health, music, sports, news, and a whole lot more other stuff. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about losing signal like you do with a radio. Best yet, they’re free!

So get on it! Hit the frikkin’ podcast section of your iTunes or get a mobile app for them now!

Click here for podcasts on iTunes.

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