Where Credit’s Due

There are currently several photos on the Legion of Weirdos Facebook page that are uncredited. They are pictures happened upon in our internet travels that seem funny or unusual, most of them are memes quite probably created by an anonymous user of Reddit or some other similar social platform. Before posting the image, we tried to find the proper owner of the photo credit via image searching online, but were unsuccessful. When this happens, instead of the credit link, you’ll see “image found online”. In that case, dear reader, if you happen to know the original source, please let us know so we can remedy the situation.

owlAn example of this would be this parody instructional image of how to draw an owl, posted some time ago on our Facebook page. At the time it was posted, our best image search results yielded only links to a YouTube video intended for children and a very similar entry in WikiHow. Neither matched the image.

In doing another search while writing this article, we found an entry in KnowYourMeme.com crediting the picture to a subreddit on August 21st, 2010, but as being posted by an “unknown author”. It’s likely the actual owl image is not that unknown user’s original work, but an image search for just that part of the image proved unfruitful.

You’ll see this same image all over the internet if you surf around enough, in places such as FunnyJunk, BuzzFeed, and DeviantArt, as mentioned on the KnowYourMeme.com site.  None of these other locations for the image credit an original creator. So… after having done what we feel is due diligence, the picture got shared as “found online”, as these images would seem to have some sort of common law public domain status. Of course this isn’t really true, we know.

From now on, we’re probably changing the notation to something like “found online / original creator unknown / please inform us if you know”. That is, if we keep posting found images on Facebook. The Legion is a low budget (no budget) operation, so we can’t afford lawsuits from someone claiming to be the rightful owner of Grumpy Cat or Puking Rainbows.

Photo, over-saturation, contrast blow-out, and fancy-dancy textualized copyright symbol thingie by Legion of Weirdos. Pretty Instagram sunsets are pretty.

Ideas are bouncing around about posting only funny images that are obtained from stock photo sites or possibly a captioning contest based on photos taken by Legion of Weirdos.

This is where some of you say, “But why do you CARE? So many other people have shared the same images and haven’t credited the source. It’s the internet. These things happen.”

The answer to that is two-fold. First, we don’t want people grabbing our stuff and posting as their own, or misappropriating the source. Secondarily, we don’t want to get accused of being a scraper site. Scraper sites suck.

As for the images on the this website, they’re either pictures we took, public domain or Creative Commons, or purchased from a stock photo site, usually 123rf.com.
Thumbnail image by Legion of Weirdos
Owl example explained at http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/how-to-draw-an-owl

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