Wasabi Cars by Daniel O’Grady – Thumbs Up!

Wasabi (\ˈwä-sə-bē) – a Japanese plant grown for its root, which is used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine, and is not at all what we’re talking about here.

Meet Daniel O’Grady. He’s been making car-spotting videos on YouTube for about three years. As he explains it, “wa” is a term for “Japanese” and “sabi” is a Japanese term for “rust”. Put them together and you’ve got “wasabi”. Unless you’re from eastern Asia, that’s probably your first experience with a play on words in Japanese.

Rusty cars are where it all started for O’Grady, and there are plenty of them featured on his YouTube channel and website, but he’s also featured some nicer vehicles and there are a few car show walk-arounds as well. O’Grady seems to have a knack for finding stuff that would interest car fanatics tucked away in alleys and backyards around Japan (and sometimes Australia).

If you’re a motor head who likes to look at more than the ubiquitous Mustangs and Chevys that show up everywhere in automotive media, you need to subscribe to WasabiCars at YouTube!

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