Josh Woodward music – Thumbs Up!

Take a solid song writer, pair him up with a solid guitarist, a drummer and bassist who can stay in the pocket, and combine them with a singer who claims The Decemberists and Death Cab for Cutie as influence and sounds a bit like Ben Folds…

Oh yeah, did I mention that all the above are one person? Aside from all that, Josh Woodward can play banjo, xylophone, hammer dulcimer, cello, and probably a bassoon if he has a song that called for it. Added to that, he’s handy with a camera.

Hold on a second… there. I had to recover from the chills in my spine from that last guitar solo.

Josh Woodward’s music is available to download free on his website and free to use in your own video projects. Woodward’s music catalog is one of the few Creative Commons sources that you’ll want to use in your own videos. If you have a conscience, you can also download his music from iTunes or choose a purchase option on the website. For a mere $40, you can get all the songs in a bundle of lossless FLAC files.

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