Thumbs Up! – Our Latest Addition


Cheers. Accolades. Praise. Applause. Props. Kudos. Hoorays. Shout-outs.

The internet is full of people who make things. Some of it fantastic, and some of it… well, not fantastic. We’re only talking about the fantastic ones here.

Legion of Weirdos has a new section, called “Thumbs Up!” to highlight some of those people who make the fantastic stuff. Be it music, video, food, art, or instructions on how to recycle your belly lint, if it’s good stuff, we’d like to point it out.

So, check into the “Thumbs Up!” section now!

To get us started, there are four featured creators:

  • All Our Questions is a YouTube channel designed to address the stuff we’re all wanting answers for.
  • Michael’s Home Cooking is a place to learn recipes to all your favorite American comfort foods.
  • Josh Woodward is an indie musician with an impressive library of Creative Commons tunes.
  • Wasabi Cars is for the automobile nut who likes spotting the derelict classics.

We’ll be adding more to “Thumbs Up!” soon and frequently.

Thumbnail image: just2shutter / 123RF Stock Photo