Eels – Complete Dreamworks Albums box set

You may not have heard of Eels, especially if you’re the type that listens to “whatever’s on the radio”, but you’ve very likely heard Eels. That’s especially true if you’ve seen American Beauty, Yes Man, or any of the Shrek movies. Their IMDb page credits them with 76 musical appearances in movies and television.

boxset2The only member of the band who’s been there the whole way through is Mark Oliver Everett, also known simply as “E”. The story goes, after two albums as a singer songwriter, E founded a band, which was the first musical act signed to Dreamworks Records. The idea was that naming the band Eels would put his new records next to the old ones, recorded as E, on the record store shelves alphabetically… except he forgot about a little group named the Eagles.

The first Eels album, Beautiful Freak, topped the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and was a top ten single in the UK. The band played Lollapalooza in 1997 and started seeing their songs placed in movies. Most every band’s career is hit and miss when it comes to their recorded material, and really Eels are no exception to that, but these six albums are all excellent stuff. The eight LP boxed set contains five of Eels’ first seven albums, all of the Dreamworks releases and the live album Electroshock Blues Show. Their first live record, Oh What a Beautiful Morning, isn’t included and sadly hasn’t been released on vinyl.

The discs are on 180gram vinyl, the packaging is top notch, and the sound quality is fantastic. An mp3 download code is included for those moments when carrying a turntable around with you is inconvenient.

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