Meghan Tonjes – Things With Friends

Meghan Tonjes: One woman, one voice, one guitar.

Wait? What the heck is this?

Those familiar with Tonjes’ previous releases like Be in WantThis Year, or any of the Request Tuesday series are in for an interesting treat when playing this EP. Rather than her usual soulful and sometimes haunting “singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar” sound, these songs feature full instrumentation and venture a bit more into pop territory.

friends-cover_large“Affected” wouldn’t sound out of place between Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift on a playlist. Tonjes’ signature acoustic strumming is there, but accompanied by in-the-pocket bass and thumping percussion reminiscent of mid-1970s Fleetwood Mac.

The remix of “The Fault is in Our Stars” entirely changes the feeling of the original song. I prefer the original, as the “oooo” sounds she sings between verses ends up buried beneath percussion, guitar, and other sounds in this version, which smothers one of the song’s best features. However, I can see how this version would sound amazing played live, with a drums, bass, keyboards, and a couple backup singers.

“I Will Wait” sounds closer to Meghan’s usual routine. A soothing ballad featuring violin work from David Fertello. It’s a great tune, although the violin seems overpowered  toward the end, burying Meghan’s voice. That’s no mark agains Fertello, though, because he’s simply goddamned amazing on violin. Check out his cover of “Can’t Hold Us” on YouTube to see what I mean.

The “hit” on this one is surely “Waiting for You”. Perfectly produced, perfectly catchy, perfect vocals. Everything is perfectly in its place on this one. Seriously, hearing this song will make you wonder how the likes of Selena Gomez and Janet Goddamned Jackson are on the Billboard charts but Meghan Tonjes isn’t.

If you haven’t heard of Meghan Tonjes, check her out on her YouTube channel.  As for this EP, it’s available from DFTBA Records online, or you can pick the songs up as singles individually on iTunes.

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