The Fabulous Poodles – Think Pink

fabulouspoodles-thinkpinkThe Fabulous Poodles could have been quite a contender if they’d only stayed together long enough for MTV to launch. Sort of new wave, sort of nerd rock, sort of… well… How do you classify a rock group who’s songs have more violin solos than guitar solos? Anyway, they surely would have at least been on par with Devo in the “devoted follower” department if American teens were exposed to the likes of “Man With Money” or “Any Port in a Storm” accompanied by some quirky early-MTV video footage.

Think Pink was the last LP released by The Fabulous Poodles, although they had one more single, “Stomping on the Cat”, after. The Poodles, facing very little support from their label, broke up in 1980. MTV launched in 1981.

Think Pink is a beautifully engineered work that keeps you interested through both sides. It opens with an Everly Brothers cover, “Man With Money”, which they transformed from a forgettable folk tune to something that rocks. The Who also covered this tune, but the Poodles version kicks it’s ass. “Bionic Man” is as new wave as they got, telling the story of a man torn to pieces in a car accident, but put back together ’70s cyborg style. “Any Port in a Storm” is a romantic hookup song with a twist. “Anna Rexia” is an irreverent song for a girl with an eating disorder.

Every day she’s gettin’ thinner and thinner
She won’t touch a bite of her dinner
She used to be my one and only
Now she’s even thinner than a Bony Maroney!

American Beat Records released Think Pink on CD, paired with Mirror Stars, an American compilation of their first two albums, but it commands quite the hefty price on eBay and Amazon. The best way to enjoy this album is on vinyl, though, because the sound quality of the record is amazing, while not so much on the CD.

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