Howard Pinsky and IceFlow Studios – Thumbs Up!

You know how to goes: You need to figure out how to do something with a program like Photoshop, so you turn to YouTube only to stumble through some poorly-produced voiceover tutorials by 12-year-old kids who can’t construct a sentence. Regardless of how are useful (or not) their advice may be, you have to sit through a video full of stammering, disorganized ideas, and dead air. Many times, two minutes of information could take 10 or 20 minutes.

What’s refreshing is to find tutorials that are put together in a concise and sensible fashion by someone who can speak to a camera without nervous tics and long pauses fore for thought. One of those “someones” is Howard Pinsky, and if you’re looking for Photoshop answers, you’re in luck.

Many of Pinsky’s impressive catalog of videos focus on Photoshop techniques, but there are also videos for other applications like After Effects and Illustrator. He’s been at it for seven years, so whatever your question, he’s probably addressed it.

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