7 American Tourist Attractions To Skip

RodeoDrRodeo Drive is a two mile stretch of road, but the part you’ve been seeing in the movies is only three blocks long. Sure, it is ritzy looking, with stores like Cartier and Chanel and Giorgio Armani and Gucci, but you probably can’t afford any of that stuff, and if you can you’re not buying it there unless you’re a B-list celebrity staging a paparazzi photo op.


Roswell, New Mexico is famous for being the holy grounds of UFO conspiracists, but you are ready knew that. Actually, the small town has very few UFO based attractions. There is a quirky little “UFO museum” (with no actual UFOs), which could be worth popping into for giggles if it were a roadside stop on the Historic Route 66, but unless you’re a diehard UFO nut you probably won’t find it worth the three hour drive from Albuquerque. There is also a UFO themed T-shirt shop nearby, near the Mexican restaurant, across the street from the tire store. Roswell does boasts some pretty strong art museums, a zoo, and some beautiful landscape… but you’re looking for space aliens, right?

Ghirardelli_Square copy

Ghirardeli‘s chocolate factory is an important part of the community of San Leandro, California. What? San Francisco? They haven’t made chocolate there in decades! What you’ll see there is a nicely preserved brick building containing several shops full of souvenirs and curiosities. If you’re up for having a yummy, if somewhat pricey, ice cream sundae, then by all means check this place out (especially if you’ve already dedicated your day to wandering Fisherman’s Wharf). If you’re on vacation and looking to buy chocolates for the family back home, check pretty much any Bay Area grocery store or Target.


Mall of America is a frikkin’ shopping mall. Need more really be said? The best thing about the place was the amusement park, Camp Snoopy, but that’s been rebranded as a Nickelodeon park now. Everyone knows Woodstock trumps the Bubble Guppies any day.


The White House is an old building with old furniture; some bedrooms, some halls, a dining room, and an oval room with a big blue oval carpet. You can’t bring anything in with you, including purses or strollers, you have to book a month in advance, and you can’t take pictures. Oh, and nothing inside is original thanks to a total remodel during the Truman years.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.53.17 PM

Daytona Beach was really something back in the ’50s. You had stock car races on the beach, Elvis concerts, a fantastic pier. But now, Elvis has left the building, Daytona has a 25%-ish unemployment rate, and everything needs at the very least new coat of paint. You can still drive on the beach, but it will cost you $10 and an afternoon of listening to Fetty Wap through the crappy subwoofers in the car next to you.

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