7 Hot Women in Their 50s

Men age better than women, right? Women get old. Men get “distinguished.” Yeah, we don’t believe that crap either… men just get away with slacking on their looks with age because there hasn’t been societal pressure to keep up. Oh, and speaking of older females:
shueElisabeth Shue, 52 – Sure, she was in Karate Kid as Danielsan’s cute but annoying girlfriend, but we really noticed her as harrowed childcare worker in Adventures in Babysitting. That’s when us guys got a crush on her innocent charm. In Leaving Las Vegas, her not-so-innocent side made us want to be Nicolas Cage… and it takes a lot to make us want to be Nicolas Cage.

hoffsSusanna Hoffs, 56 – There’s just something about a tiny brunette with a guitar (Lisa Loeb would have made the list, but she’s only 47). I dare say Hoffs has improved with age. Sure, she was cute when The Bangles first appeared on the MTV scene, but it’s not too hard to be a looker at 23. Now, though, she’s god harder edges and a look of someone who’s been places and has seen stuff, but still with that 23 year old body!

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston, 53 – She’s been married to John Travolta for 24 years. John Travolta. 24 years. Oh, and yes, she’s also into Scientology; Operating Thetan Level Seven. Before that, she was engaged to Charlie Sheen, but broke it off after he shot her. But hey, this article isn’t about personal choices, it’s about hotness, and Preston has it. If the gay Travolta rumors are true and Preston is just a beard, then the ZZ Top guys are surely jealous.

tomeiMarisa Tomei, 51 – Seemingly blessed with permanent cuteness, you can’t help but feel giddy every time she wrinkles her nose with a smile, and yet she’s not afraid to get raunchy as we’ve seen in The Wrestler and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. Oh, and she’s apparently going to play Aunt Mae in the newest Spiderman film, anyone with a thing for cougars ought to enjoy that.

catesPhoebe Cates, 52 – What do you mean “doesn’t anybody knock?” Who doesn’t lock the damned door? The girl who got that song by The Cars stuck in your head is still blazing hot at 52. She’s lost the innocent little girl babyface that she had back when she dropped her bikini top at 19, but she definitely doesn’t look her age. Kevin Kline is a lucky man. By the way, this isn’t the image I wanted to use… there’s a really hot one of her in a cutaway black dress, but Getty’s embed code screws up the format of this article.

fondaBridget Fonda, 51 – Jane’s niece, Peter’s daughter, Henry’s granddaughter, Troy Garity’s cousin… What? Who’s “Troy Garity?” Never mind that. Bridget took her first acting role as a child alongside her dad in Easy Rider. She was also in The Godfather III, but she really broke out as the cute and innocent victim of a copycat stalker in Single White Female.  Her prolific acting career fizzled out about a decade later with Kiss of the Dragon and MonkeyboneMost guys just like to remember her from Jackie Brown. Fonda left the movie business in 2001 to make babies with Danny Elfman.

porizkovaPaulina Porizkova, 50  – 19 years of marriage, smoking, and two kids are bound to take a toll on a woman, right? Not if you’re Paulina Porizkova! She posed for Sports Illustrated back in 1984 and 1985 and came back to pose for them again in 2014. Wanna know what’s even crazier? Try, just try looking for any photos online of her running or at a gym or doing exercise of any kind. Sure, there are pictures of her in the water or in workout clothes, but they’re from photo shoots. It appears Sports Illustrated’s favorite Eastern European has won the genetic jackpot.

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