Codecademy – Thumbs Up!

Brain surgery and flying airplanes aside, learning by doing is probably the best way in the world to acquire new skills. However, with some things, just jumping into the “doing” part is akin to the old notion of monkeys writing Shakespeare. Pilots have simulators, so do brain surgeon. Lucky for you, there’s Codecademy to help you learn to make a website!

codecademy“But there are so many easy ways to get a website without knowing code!” you might say, and to those of you who do say that, I invite you to jump off this article and read something else Legion of Weirdos has to offer.  To those of you who don’t want to be part of a paid service and don’t want to be forever shopping for a WordPress theme that’s “close enough”, Codecademy offers to help you learn to make a website or an app by teaching you CSS, HTML, SQL, Python, Ruby, JQuery, and more. Better yet, Codecademy is FREE!

That’s “free” as in “doesn’t cost anything at all”. It’s not a “trial subscription”, there’s not a page to fill in credit card details, and there aren’t even any advertisements! We’re not sure how long that’s going to last as there doesn’t seem to be any monetization strategy yet, so take advantage of the free brain food before someone buys the company out!