Emotional Baby’s Mom is FINE!

Generally, Legion of Weirdos is about promoting things in a positive light. However, this just can’t go unmentioned. Is pretty well known in the video making community that set of intellectual property happens quite frequently, especially when it comes to freebooting videos to Facebook. What’s “freebooting”? It’s when someone steals video content from someone else’s account, usually via YouTube, and uploads it to Facebook presented as their own content for their own monetary gain. Facebook generally turns a blind eye to this as they make a good deal of money from ad revenue on a viral video (as often does the person who stole the video in the first place).

A couple of years ago, YouTube user Alain Leroux posted a video of his baby crying when her mother sang the song My Heart Can’t Tell You No. You can see the whole thing in the embedded link below. It’s heart-warmingly cute.

However, lately some douchebag with a Facebook page named “Secreto” has bootjacked the video to Facebook and it’s going viral again. Even though the first time around it was incredibly popular and even got the family a visit to The Ellen Show, a number of people seem to have missed it. You see, “Secreto” has cooked up a BS story for the video about the mother having died, claiming it’s an aunt singing and the baby is crying because the song reminds her of her dead mother. Is your blood boiling? Mine is.

The emotional baby’s mom is fine.