Daylio – a Daily Diary Made Easy – Thumbs Up!

Blogs are great, but what if you want to keep a private diary of your own. What if you want to lock that diary away somewhere safe and passcode-protected where nobody else can get to it? …Like your phone, perhaps? What if you’re super lazy and don’t feel like writing much? Daylio is your answer. Daylio is an app that’s set up to make keeping track of your daily moods and activities as simple as posting a tweet.

daylio2When you open Daylio, the first thing you see is a set of five faces, from very happy to very sad. It’s the same format used for “rate your pain” charts they show kids in hospitals, so it’s definitely user-friendly. After clicking on the face that most represents your mood for the day, you are presented with a list of daily activities, all with the same clickable buttons, so you can easily track what you did that day. There’s also a free text space to add your own notes.

Each of the “faces” and the activities are customizable, so if you don’t care for the word “fugly”, you can come up with your own adjective. There’s also an alarm feature that you can set to remind yourself to make daily entries. It’s free on the Google Play Store and soon on the iPhone App Store, so check it out.
Daylio on Google Play
Daylio on iPhone