Hollerado – White Paint

I found this band while browsing YouTube and found the story behind the song “So It Goes” so intriguing I watched it a couple of times before going on to listen to the rest of the album. Watch it first and then scroll down for the rest of this article.

Mind blown? As well it should be.

White Paint is not the newest release by Hollerado, that would be 111 Songs, which has a total of… you guessed it, right? It’s going to be available March 24th on iTunes and in glow-in-the-dark vinyl. The first track is called “Firefly” and is currently available on SoundCloudWhite Paint is currently available on iTunes and has been released on vinyl as well.

The first track “Wonder, Velocity, Charlie, and Me”, at one minute and thirty-six seconds, plays like a prelude to the rest of the album. It leads directly into “Don’t Think”, which sounds like a more accessible version The Flaming Lips and gives you a nice surprise a 3:15 when you’ve just settled into the pop punk groove of the song. “Thanks for the Venom” sounds like what better garage bands were writing in the late ’80s, or maybe it’s just the clever “boom box recording” style drum intro that sent my mind that way. “Desire 126” and “Too Much to Handle” almost sound like a completely different band from the first three, which is a good thing… we like diversity and range, right? If you were to badge anything on this record “most radio friendly” these would be the tracks.

“Lonesome George” gives a break in the pace in being a ballad of sorts that ties back to the aforementioned “Flaming Lips sound”. If you’ve followed instructions, you’ve already heard “So It Goes”. “I Want My Medicine” tells the story of someone who has to sell his record collection to pay medical bills; double whammy heartbreak. The opening guitar on “Pure Emotion” immediately reminded me of the Santa Barbara band Sugarcult, and the rest of the song is kind of a cool mishmash of late-’90s pop, surf music, and B52s. What? Yes, that’s what I said. “Fresno Chunk” tells the story of… well… I don’t know who, but she looks older than she is. It starts as a kind of hippie-sounding story song, but into almost all-out disco at a minute and a half in. Finally, “Pick Me Up”, with it’s dissonant riffs and hook-filled rhythm guitar ties everything up nicely.

Hollerado rhymes with “Colorado”, but the band is from Ottawa, Canada. They’ve been around since 2007, have toured China, made a video featuring Dave Foley, and have had seven singles on the Canadian alternative and rock charts. Check them out from the links below:

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Hollerado on YouTube