7 Bands That Need to Put Their Crap Aside and Tour Together Again

Barenaked Ladies – Love them or hate them, Canada’s most notorious indie band has a dedicated fan base that would surely love to see the original pair of front men together again. “If I Had a Million Dollars” doesn’t sound the same without Steven Page. On top of that, many of their best songs were Page’s. Yes, he screwed the pooch big time getting busted for cocaine as they were about to embark on a Disney-sponsored tour, but as Rafiki says, “It doesn’t matter. It’s in the past.”

SimonandGarfunkelSimon and Garfunkel – Lets start with fair disclosure, nobody currently associated with Legion of Weirdos is a fan of this duo. We’re also not fans of silly drama. The fact that these two haven’t seemed to manage a tour without it all ending in tears is the epitome of silly drama. However, these two owe it to their fans (the ones who are still around) to do an honest-to-goodness real tour, without a falling out and without cancellations.

styx_77Styx – OK, so maybe Dennis DeYoung is hard to be around. He doesn’t seem that way by the way he interviews. Maybe Tommy and James just don’t like how Dennis seems to prefer playing to Barry Manilow’s audience (OK, that album from a decade ago wasn’t bad). But if Styx doesn’t need DeYoung, what the hell is Lawrence Gowan doing in the band? Oh yeah… He’s singing “The Grand Illusion” and “Come Sail Away” and “Rockin’ the Paradise” and “Lady”. They can hang with Nugent but can’t stand Dennis?

floydPink Floyd – Roger Waters does great on his own. Pink Floyd was pretty solid without Waters. Apart from a couple of one-off performances, though, they haven’t played together in three decades. It seems David Gilmour is insisting on keeping it that way. It’s not that he’s retired, in fact he just released a solo album. Apparently he feels that he and Waters have “outgrown each other” and so touring together would be “impossible”. Sounds a little like Garfunkel, eh?

Talking_Heads_band1Talking Heads – David Byrne. He’s an artist, a cyclist, and an author, but you know him as “that guy from The Talking Heads”. Apparently he doesn’t like the ex-bandmates, two of whom have gone on with their musical lives as Tom Tom Club. They managed to put aside their squabbles back in 2002 when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and play for one evening and apart from the obvious lack of eye contact they seemed to mesh well together.

The Kinks – Supposedly this is going to happen. Supposedly. Ray Davies claims the reunion would have already happened but for Dave Davie’s reluctance. Dave says he’s not the one holding up the reunion, but then he is apparently “very busy”. The rest of the group, meanwhile, is touring as Kast Off Kinks without the Davies brothers. C’mon guys, get your shit together!

– Arnel Pineda is an amazing singer. He’s got decent range, he sings very powerfully, and he can hold a note. He’s probably the best singer Journey has ever had. But Pineda isn’t Steve Perry. He didn’t write the songs, he doesn’t have “ownership” of the feelings behind the lyrics, and he doesn’t have the history. Neal Schon has said for years that the door was open for Steve Perry to come back. Apart from a few guest performances with, of all bands, the Eels, Perry has been out of the limelight since 1995.

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