Jake Roper & Vsauce 3 – Thumbs Up!

Vsauce, hosted by Michael Stevens, is an incredible YouTube source for random facts and off-the-beaten-path learning. For those who can’t get enough of that kind of thing, there’s Vsauce 2, hosted by Kevin Leiber. With all that goodness, you might wonder, “Does there really need to be a Vsauce 3?” The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”

Jake Roper’s Vsauce 3 rounds out the trio with science for the weird at heart. Could you survive a nuclear fallout? Could you rip out someone’s spine? Can you genetically enhance yourself? What if Superman punched you? If you’re wondering about any of that, Vsauce 3 can fill you in as well as heading you in the right direction for find a Gameboy swimsuit and telling you an interesting thing or two about Oculus Rift and Darth Vader toasters. The Vsauce 3 page, however, only scratches the surface of the Jack Roper story, though.

Coming out of Evergreen, Colorado, Roper had a fascination with movies and video games that led to his interest in modifying the games and making music videos and then commercials. Frustrated with commercials, he moved on to YouTube to do Vsauce 3 full time and making his own video projects on the side. Not sitting on his laurels (where exactly are one’s laurels anyway and does it hurt to sit on them?), he also started a video blog on YouTube to show his behind the scenes life. During these videos, he never seemed to put on a show for anyone, keeping the videos frank and honest. The reoccurring theme in his video blog videos was his constant drive to “make stuff”.

In November of last year, Roper’s life turned for the more difficult in that he developed a sarcoma. He’d actually known about the tumor months before, but his doctors had thought it to be benign. Since his video announcing his condition, he’s made seven more video blogs. They’ve ranged from slightly melancholy to completely upbeat, but making a video at all shows incredible drive.

A tiny grade three sarcoma has incredible power to bring a person down. It would be completely understandable for anyone to drop everything in their life to take on the “patient role” full-time. Many, if not most, people do. It’s the kind of thing that sucks up all your time and makes you think about death.

Stress is a real thing. Stress makes a body’s cortisol get all out of whack and over the long term can lead to depression, digestion problems, heart disease, sleep disorders, weight gain, and a few other unpleasant conditions. That’s just the stress, never mind the cancer in the first place.

Somehow, at least from how he appears, Roper has found a way to eat stress for breakfast. Instead of hiding in a dark room at home or permanently clutching the call button in a hospital bed, he’s making videos, helping to organize meet-ups and movie screenings, and generally kicking cancer in the laurels! Oh, and apparently he doesn’t need chemo, so that’s a good thing.

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