Aaron Marino – Alpha M – Thumbs Up!

Let’s face it, most guys need help when it comes to “presentation”. We forget our manners. We slack off on hygiene occasionally. We wear the baggy pleated pants we got ages ago (well… no me, but you do…). We wear dress clothes off the rack without alterations. We wear worn-out and ill-fitting tee shirts. We haven’t even mentioned underwear yet! Aaron Marino is here to help you fix all these faux pas.

By the way, the plural of “faux pas” is “faux pas”.

If you’re anything like me, your first take on Mr Marino when you watch one of his videos might be that he’s a little “over the top”. Where we grew up, guys didn’t wear two earrings. An inner voice is probably screaming, “Who is this Adam Levine wannabe, underwear-model-looking guy and why would I want to take his advice?”

That voice, my friend, is your insecurity. Here’s a thing: An Adam Levine type guy posts a selfie and thousands of girls and women from far-too-young to far-too-old click “like”. Underwear models make women buy their boyfriends and husbands that same underwear in the hope that they’ll turn them into the guy in the picture. For most guys, a modeling job is a picture with a caption that reads “before”. Fact is, you probably will never look like Adam Levine… or John Hamm or Shemar Moore or even Seth Rogan on a good day, but there’s no reason you can’t be the best “you” you can be.

Aaron Marino makes videos on the regular that can help you with everything from picking the right shoes to making your arms look bigger to getting rid of butt hair. No, that’s no an exaggeration. Better yet, he does so without coming across as a snob or a douchebag. In fact, he comes across as a completely down-to-earth guy. It’s like he’s a buddy that knows what he’s talking about regarding fashion and social matters, which really comes in handy when all your in-person buddies are experts on fantasy football or Dr. Who trivia.

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