5 Animals You Didn’t Know Could Kick Your Ass

You’re supposed to be scared of Grizzly Bears. We all know this. Sharks are so scary there was a whole series of movies made in the ’70s and ’80s about them. Scorpions are kind of scary too, I mean, have you seen Rudolf Schenker lately?

But what you might not know is that five common animals could take your ass out.

  1. Deer – Seriously. If you don’t believe me just do a quick Google search for video of examples of rednecks getting their asses kicked by a deer. Never mind they bite, kick, and they have antlers.
  2.  Geese – Don’t believe it? Corner one, or better yet, get between a goose and its babies!  You’re going to get to know the business end of a beak. Worse yet, their beaks have serrated edges that can break your skin or at least cause a nasty bruise.
  3. Ants – Yes, ants. Fire ants are vicious and can swarm in with enough bite power to kill you from anaphylactic shock. In the Southeastern United States, these little bastards are such a headache that special flies have been imported to combat them. How? The fly larva eat the ant’s heads. There’s payback for ya!
  4. Cows – First of all, they’re huge!  One cow can trample you to death. Scare enough of them and you’re really in for some bruises!
  5. Seals – Yes, cute, adorable seals can kill you. British marine biologist Kirsty Brown found this out the hard way. It’s the combination of their great bite strength and amazing ability to swim under water for long periods of time that really poses a problem for a human.

Goose picture by Pexels.com
Ants picture public domain