Frankie Cosmos – Fit Me In

a0634688409_16I found Fit Me In while sifting through the “recent releases” section of iTunes under the heading “indie”. I had been underwhelmed by a half hour or so of listening to bands who sounded like The Monkees after The Monkees decided they were going to write their own music and play instruments. You know, after the show ended? So when I clicked on “Korean Food” I was hit with a pleasant surprise. Synth and synthesized percussion that was part The Cars and part Postal Service, but with a creamy female vocal.

Many bands have songs that are longer than this whole EP. If there were any complaints, it would be that it leaves you for want of more songs, but the work sells at an appropriate price for its length. More than a single, not quite a full EP.

Here’s an interesting tidbit I learned from her Wikipedia page. Frankie, aka Greta Kline, is the daughter of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates. Yep, that Kevin Kline and the Phoebe Cates from my “Hot Women in their 50s” article and video. Maybe that’s where the connection to The Cars makes sense. Famous parents aside, I found this work by its own merits.

The second song, “Young”, continues the synth feeling of the first track, but a little more upbeat. The longs song on the track, “O Contest Winner”, has a bit more realistic sounding drum track, heavily reverbed harmonies, and an effect that seems like a flanger (but maybe not) that gives the song a very melancholy feel. It feels like something that would play during a memory sequence in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. You know, right when Joel was in danger of forgetting Clementine altogher?

“Sand” features a real bass track in a major key, which actually picks things up, but the song is only 49 seconds long, so it punctuates the album as fast as it works things up. It’s an interesting effect, but it left me wishing the song were longer. Apparently, there is an album coming out April 1st.

Frankie Cosmos: