Our “Shave Club” aka Dorco Razors – Thumbs Up!

The Legion of Weirdos Shave Club: It’s free and easy to join!

The first step is say “bye-bye” to those fancy-schmancy online shaving hawkers that wooed you with a catchy name, cute commercials, and cleverly-engineered packaging designed to make you feel like a connoisseur of toiletries. Step two is to head to DorcoRazors.com and pick out a truly discounted set of gear for yourself. You might even recognize some of their stuff, as some of the hoity-toity shave clubs are really just flipping Dorco stuff as their own wares (And if that’s the case for you, you can just re-use your existing shaver handle! Woo-hoo!).

Shave clubs have become so popular that even the companies that sell you overpriced blades at WalMart and Target have started their own clubs, although still at a higher price than the ritzy-titzy clubs. By the way, if you’re still buying razors at discount stores, what the hell is wrong with you? Don’t have the internet?

Now you can be part of the best shave club, the smartest shave club, the only shave club that you control fully, can quit and re-start at any time, and don’t have to sign a contract for. Join the Legion of Weirdos Shave Club and buy your blades the smart and cheap way.

Before discovering Dorco razors, I was paying $9 plus tax each month for four top-of-the-line six-bladed cartridges. At DorcoRazors.com I found I could pay just $4 plus tax for basically the same thing (they’re a different color). That brings the price down from $2.25 per cartridge to a buck each! The only weird thing I’ve found with Dorco is that it seems the more razors you order in one go, the pricier they get. I’m a super-prepper freak when it comes to toiletries (you should see my butt-wipe closet!), so I order a box of 24 at a time for $34.80 plus tax. That puts mine at $1.45 each, still quite a bit cheaper than the uppity-schmuppity shave club, and I’m not committed to buy new blades in the future.

By the way, Dorco isn’t just for guys, they make razors in pink and lime green and with the fancy shaped handles and cartridges or whatever a girl may be looking for… or if you guys want to shave with a fancy pink razor. Whatever, no judgement here.

Oh, and don’t go thinkin’ I get anything out of this deal besides the satisfaction of sharing some good ol’ knowhow. I don’t get a cut of this or ad money or anything, although is someone at Dorco reads this and wants to reward me for preaching their good word, I’m open to it!