Roberto Blake – Thumbs Up!

Over two years, Roberto Blake has uploaded a boatload of content regarding design, the design industry, Adobe software, various hardware, and more. From typography to self-promotion to Mac reviews to freelancing advice and more, just about anything someone starting in design would want to know more about has been addressed.

Aside from the great YouTube content, Blake also offers a free online guide called “7 Points of Personal Branding”. Unlike some other “free guides” you might find online, this one is actually free and concise enough to read in one go. There’s no fluff or filler material, it just gets to the point (or the seven points, actually). All that’s required to access the guide is to sign up for his email newsletter. Blake is also active on his blog, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and

Beyond his online material Blake offers on-site, remote, and corporate training for subjects such as marketing, video production, and WordPress customization. A quick search will also find some of his informative work on sites like,, and

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