Nexus 6P plus Google Project Fi

Recently I made the switch from an iPhone and AT&T to the Nexus 6P on the Google Fi service. The video below is my whole review, but here are the bullet points:

  • Google Fi cell phone plan is $20 monthly for text and voice
  • Data is billed at $10 per gigabyte, prorated. If you use 3.7 gigabytes, you pay $37.
  • Whichever data plan you use, unused data rolls over to the next cycle
  • There are no overage fees for data
  • Extra sim cards to share data with tablets are free
  • Phone calls are via Sprint, T-Mobile, and WiFi. The phone automatically picks the strongest signal
  • Nexus 6P battery life is great
  • Main camera is 4K, selfie camera is 1080p
  • Built in speakers are great, especially for podcasts
  • Sometimes games crash
  • Some products aren’t USB-C friendly, like cars that allow USB phone connections
  • Nexus 6P is too large for one-handed texting

Note, in the video I keep saying “USB 3” instead of USB-C. Oops.