Turin Brakes – Lost Property

TurinBrakesEnglish band Turin Brakes was founded by childhood friends Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, with drummer Rob Allum and Basis Eddie Myer rounding out the foursome. Lost Property is their ninth album, aside from the nine EPs they’ve also put out. Their sound, for this album at least, could be called “Steve Earle meets Yo La Tengo”.

The first track, “96”, with great vocal harmonies and clean acoustic rhythm guitar matched with a clean lead, also reminds us of how a good bass can make a song. The relaxed vocals on “Keep Me Around” seem to float about the complex arpeggio and bouncy percussion. “The Quiet Ones” introduces itself with a single acoustic guitar and a Damien-Rice-like vocal and builds into a full band sound. The lead vocal is sometimes harmonized by other voices, and sometimes just shadowed by the lead guitar.

Lost Property is a well-execute album, with songs varying enough in feeling to keep it from getting boring, as many acoustic records can, but nothing seems out of place. The closest to the band comes to “rocking out” is the chorus of “Jump Start” and the closest to “coffee house mellow” is “Martini”, with light vocals reaching into occasional falsetto and an arpeggiated acoustic guitar matched with a slide guitar. Lost Property pairs equally well with housework or an easy chair and a glass of scotch.
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