The Perks – At the Docks

a3016499308_16The Perks, from near Las Vegas, are a five piece alternative rock band with a sound somewhere between The Strokes and The Killers (also from Vegas). With a mostly upbeat, guitar-driven sound, The Perks would fit well on most rock or pop radio stations.

At the Docks is not a new EP, but was suggested by a friend. According to their website, and album is in the works for this year, plus there is a new single, called “Enough of This Place” available now.

“Not My Home” is a solid indie pop song with smooth guitars weaving through reverb like dolphins playing in waves. What really grabbed my attention, though, was the second song, “Sirens”. It starts with a thirty-two second, slowly-building intro and then jumps into a fantastic guitar riff that’s part Muse and part Celtic jig. The song then takes several pleasantly unexpected turns. It’s a great example of tension and release.

“At the Docks” brings us back to a more mainstream, “radio friendly” sound.  I can hear in my head a crowd singing along to the second half. “Razorblades” features some very Keith-Richards-like guitar work on the clean lead that accompanies the vocals.

At the Docks is available on iTunes and Amazon, as is the new single “Enough of This Place”.

The Perks: