ChrisFix – Thumbs Up!

Have you ever been frustrated by tree sap on your car’s paint? Thinking of doing your next brake job yourself? Do you wonder if that purple stuff actually does anything for your engine? You should head over to YouTube and find the ChrisFix channel.

ChrisFix covers just about anything car-related that you could do in your garage (with the tools and ambition) as well as some of the more daunting stuff. Better still, he does it in plain language and from a first-person perspective. He takes the time to make sure the lighting is right, there’s no annoying camera shake, and the videos are in high definition. If you’ve searched for car repair videos in the past, you know how common the crappy ones are. His videos are also very well edited, so you’re not waiting for a bunch of rambling talk before you get to the meat of the subject. He doesn’t just give the “whats” and “hows”, but also the “whys”. Even if you’re not planning to do your own repairs, it’s good to know what’s involved before throwing yourself to the mercy of a mechanic.

My personal favorite is the video on removing clear coat scratches. It took a lot of the fear out of the idea of doing it myself and kept me from wasting money on stuff that probably won’t work. He even makes a new scratch with a key on video to use as the example.

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