DSLR Guide – Thumbs Up!

Simon Cade at DSLRGuide gives advice on how to get the best video from your DSLR, based on his first hand experience having basically grown up making video. He covers everything from color grading to scoring to how to organize a large film project.

The first video of his I saw was titled “Why I Won’t Buy a New Camera”, where he expressed his view that storytelling and proper compensation are more important than what gear you buy. He’s using a Canon T3i. Personally I just ditched my T3i in favor of a T6s, but my main reason was to get that touchscreen autofocus for video, but I agree completely with his opinion about the story and cinematography being more important than gear.

His videos are very clear and to the point, and the examples given are great. Moreover, he gives realistic advice while keeping things as uncomplicated as possible.

DSLRGuide on YouTube