7 Cars That Look Like Animals

VWBUGBEETLEBug – Beetle (duh) – This is kind of the “go to” reference for an automobile looking like a living creature, and for good reason. The Volkwagen Beetle, or Bug, or Type 1 as it is officially named, really does look like a beetle.


BASSLexus RX – Fish – The first time I saw one of these, I started hearing the “World of Virgil Ward” theme song in my head. This thing looks like a largemouth bass getting ready to chow down.

I3 PANDABMW i3 – Panda – Just the black and white color combination of this one, but it does bear (pun intended) a striking resemblance.

GOOGLECARKOALAGoogle Car – Koala – Koalas aren’t bears, and neither is the Google car, but they both have that goofy oval nose. The rest of the facial features are similar too.

ISETTAFROGBMW Isetta – African Bullfrog – They have the same basic silhouette. If I didn’t have my glasses, I might mistake one for the other.

PORSCHEPILLBUGPorsche 356- Pill Bug – Probably because it’s closest cousin in the Volkswagen family resembles a bug as well, this car inherited characteristics of the Arthropoda Phylum.

2CVSNAILCitroen 2CV – Snail – Not only does the 2CV look like a snail, it’s actually almost as fast as one.