Video Creators – Thumbs Up!

I’ve always know Tim Schmoyer exists. I remember first finding him on the ReelSEO YouTube channel, and then subscribed when he created his own YouTube advice channel. I was subscribed, but didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to it because my own YouTube channels were languishing in the basement of YouTube.

This year, though, I dug my channels out of the gritty crawlspace and started scrubbing them down so they could be put to good use again. In the couple or four years that had gone by since I last made videos on the regular, most of my audience moved on to other things. Oh, and frankly, I don’t know why a lot of them watched in the first place, because my sporadic uploads were completely random. Sometimes I’d play and sing a song. Sometimes I’d rant. Sometimes I’d make a really awful joke or tell a dark story. It was all a jumble.

Since starting back on the video making track, I’ve paid a lot more attention to the Video Creators channel and have taken most of the advice to heart. Also, there’s a series called “Entrepreneurs”, a video chat between Schmoyer and five other full time YouTube video makers, which is also a treasure trove of information.

My numbers are slowly crawling up from “basically nothing” to “there are a few people watching.” I’m not pretending I have any overnight success, but I can see improvements when I look at my analytics, and that’s only since January. I’m confident my numbers will keep climbing.

Schmoyer has an email list and at least one book, maybe more, but I haven’t gotten to that stuff yet as I’m still absorbing the content from his YouTube video feed and his podcast. Oh, and what a collection of content!:

  • How to write optimized YouTube tags
  • How the weather affects your views
  • How to handle brand deals
  • How to find the best day to post your video
  • How to write better video titles

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