3 Great YouTube Grouches

Usually, for Legion of Weirdos, we like to focus on the positive, but sometimes the grumbly stuff is fun too. That’s especially true when the grumbly stuff is made of well thought out and valid points. Some people just have a talent for curmudgeonly presentation, and YouTube is about the best place on the internet for their medium. Here are our three favorites from YouTube:

I Hate Everything:

This animated with voiceover channel covers just about everything, best of all it’s inclusive of the stuff that really shouldn’t be as widely accepted, or even held in as high regard, as we allow them to be. These would include emojis, unboxing videos, and Frozen… especially Frozen.

Click here for I Hate Everything’s YouTube channel

Grade A Under A

Yet another animated (well, kind of animated) channel with a funny voiceover, this one being a crazy-exaggerated UK goof. Topics covered include public toilets, phobias, and passwords, but he also enjoys going after the likes of YouTube BSers and people who think plagiarism is the new creativity.

Click here for Grade A Under A’s YouTube channel

Spectre Sound Studios

Glenn from Spectre Sound Studios may look like Penn Gillette’s angry younger brother, but he knows his recording stuff. He helps others understand what makes a good recording, and doesn’t mind letting you know when you’re doing it wrong. He also calls out knuckleheads who don’t appreciate the work someone puts in to make their recording happen. Broke musicians, dumb kids, etc.

Click here for Spectre Sound Studio’s YouTube channel


And of course there’s a video companion to this article 🙂