– Thumbs Up!

I signed up. I noted my referral code. I went to the member dashboard. I searched “fart”. What I saw next was a page of twenty fart sound files. Each one samples simply by hovering your mouse cursor over the icon.

After ten minutes of acting like a twelve year old boy, I started really poking around. I searched “chair”. I searched “slurping”. I searched “mouse”. Each time my request was answered with more than enough samples to choose from. In the case of the mouse, I got results for both the animal and the computer peripheral.

Oh, and music, wow! There’s just about any type of music you could want! Does it “sound like royalty free music?” Well… yeah, sure, but to a higher degree of quality. But the great thing is you won’t be using the same songs everyone else is using and you won’t get hit with takedown notices for using mainstream songs. Besides standard background music, there are also several audio loops to choose from.

The loops are searchable by time length and tempo as well as instrumentation. Music is searchable by mood, genre, instrumentation, tempo, and duration. Sound effects are sorted by category. You can, however, just opt to skip all the search customization and simply head right for the search bar to type in your keyword.

The best part of AudioBlocks is that once you’ve downloaded a song, you can use it forever. There are no term limits or usage restrictions.