5 Funny YouTube Music Channels

Jon Lajoie

Jon Lajoie (lah-jwah) is probably the most well known on this list, but even so, with all the other stuff out there on the internet, he’s still underrated. In his early days he made songs like “Show Me Your Genitals” and “Everyday Normal Guy” on a shoestring budget. Since having made a living with a regular TV role as Taco MacArthur on FX’s “The League, he’s stepped up his game to making videos with production quality that rivals anything VEVO puts out. Quick warning, he doesn’t hold back with the expletives, so unless you work in a home office or tattoo parlor, his music is “not safe for work.”

Black Turtle Show

Black Turtle Show makes educational (?) videos with topics ranging from the anatomy of a shoe to pi to the iron cross blister beetle. Not all of his songs are informational, though, there’s a song about a kidnapped teddy bear and one about a bologna sandwich among others. If there’s a recipe for Black Turtle Show, it surely includes a bit of Zappa, some B52s, Primus, a dash of Deep Purple, and a hint of Oscar the Grouch.



Crudbump, who for some reason goes under the YouTube handle “DrewToothpaste”, is another one of those “not safe for work” channels. The first song of his I heard was called “F*** You if You Don’t Like Christmas“. Cleverly, for this song, he created a custom coloring book for the video. While that song has a clear message, “I Don’t Do S***” is even clearer. He makes a political statement in “NSA“, with lyrics like “I put a hundred thousand pictures of my ass on the internet, so the NSA could spy on it and try to keep an eye on it”.


Parry Gripp

Parry Gripp seems to have an affinity for animals. With songs like Guinea Pig Bridge and Weasel Riding on a Bird, he gives personality to the animal kingdom in a very original way. It’s not entirely about the animals for Parry Gripp, though, as there are also songs like “Space Nachos” and “I Love Bread“.

The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks, as the tag line for their Twitter page, have written “We like cats & dinosaurs & feelings & we write songs about them.” That’s a better description than I could have come up with. Don’t think they just sit around making YouTube videos either, they tour the USA with this act!  Unlike most of the previous acts on this list, Doubleclicks shows are mostly kid-friendly. They write originals like “Why Can’t Every City be Portland?” and do covers, like the Star Wars theme on cat piano.

Here’s the video version of this list: