Geekify Guys – Thumbs Up!

The last video game system I owned was a Super NES. I’ve logged several hours on Legend of Zelda and Chuck Rock, but since getting my first Soundblaster-enabled computer in 1993, my interest in console games evaporated. PC games like Warcraft, Myst, The 7th Guest, and Leisure Suit Larry made me forget what even happened to the old Nintendo. While I’ve been tempted to get an Atari Flashback, I’ve yet to pull the trigger. So it’s probably safe to say I’m not much into video games.

What I DO like, however, is acting like a twelve year old boy and doing horribly irresponsible and possibly dangerous stuff… the kind of stuff that would get an actual 12 year old boy grounded for a year. The Geekify Guys do this kind of stuff on video every Tuesday. So far they’ve done things like minibike jousting, shooting drones with shotguns as if they’re skeet pigeons, hoverboard hockey, blowing up toys with Tannerite, and rocket powered pinewood derby races. I look forward to every Tuesday for more “don’t try this at home” antics.

Thursdays they feature video game play with guests, so gamers will enjoy those videos, especially those into old-school games (I forgot all about Joust until Geekify Guys came along). The juvenile delinquent in me just likes watching them destroying stuff and hurting each other.

Click here for the Geekify Guys YouTube channel

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