Matt and Kim – We Were the Weirdos

Matt and Kim are a band/duo based in New York who make upbeat music with keyboards, drums, samples, and vocals. They kind of sound like “if the White Stripes grew up listening to Death Cab for Cutie and The Flaming Lips”. They’ve made five albums since 2005, the latest one, Get It, on Harvest Records, reached 33rd on the US charts. We Were the Weirdos is a four song EP that was recorded in a week between Coachella gigs.

“Fall to Pieces” starts with a clean rhythm guitar, synth, and Matt’s vocals, which have that “no too serious” style similar to The Violent Femmes or Vampire Weekend. “Let’s Run Away” almost sounds like it’s going to be a hiphop song at the start, but breaks into a dance beat with old-school synth and analog percussion. “Please No More” has an insanely fast tempo and a punk feel. “Haunting Me” is the most “Death Cab” sounding tune on the EP.

Compared to the bands past efforts, this EP has a simplicity that allows the energy of the songs to come through. Maybe that has to do with the limited time they had to record, but it works.

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