11 Really Dumb Life Hacks

We’ve all seen them, supposedly these ideas make life simpler for all of us, just with a minor adjustment or a new way of using a common item. For the most part, life hacks are kind of silly. Our lives aren’t that complicated that they need “hacked”. Some are just plain dumb. Here are eleven:

  • Using nail polish to differentiate your keys
  • Cutting a soda can to sleeve over a beer can at the beach to hide your drinking
  • Using toothpaste to polish your headlights
  • Using a pool noodle to keep your kids from falling out of bed
  • Using your gas cap to keep the gas handle open for hands-free pumping
  • Using your seat warmer to keep your pizza warm
  • Putting a coaster over your drink at a bar to show you’re coming back to it
  • Using an electrical plug as a screwdriver
  • Making a quick-fix speaker made from paper cups, toilet paper rolls, etc.
  • Using frozen grapes to chill your wine
  • Using a CD spindle as a bagel tote

How to really fix your hazy headlights ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEJbKLZ7RmM