7 Ways You Think You’ll Die (But Probably Won’t)

There are many ways people think they COULD die, but the most likely deaths are due to health concerns and car accidents, not attacks by animals or catastrophes:

  • Snake bite – Even in the country with the most poisonous snakes per capita, India, your odds of dying by snake bite are 0.00096%
  • Dog attack – More Americans are crushed under furniture or household appliances.
  • Bee attack – Even though the CDC says they’re the most deadly animal in the USA, they kill only about 40 people per year. Most of those deaths are due to allergic reaction
  • Buried alive – Being buried alive is extremely unlikely. There probably aren’t any reliable statistics about this, but the fact that most lists of such occurrences include cases in developing nations or decades ago indicates how much of a stretch one has to find examples.
  • Spider bite – Even the most venomous spider in the world, the Brazilian wandering spider, has only been confirmed to have ever caused ten deaths.
  • Plane crash – To even out the odds of dying in a plane crash, you’d have to double the world record for airline bonus miles.
  • Shark, bear, and alligator attack – Fatalities from these animals are so rare, we’ve grouped the three into one category.

For a more in-depth take on this subject, click the video below!