Bill Murray and Tom Hanks – 7 Facts Each

bill-murrayThe website Reasons My Son is Crying posted a photo of a celebrity. Shortly after, the internet was in a frenzy with people arguing whether it was Tom Hanks or Bill Murray. It actually does resemble both actors, but the man in the photo is Tom Hanks.

This week’s List –
Seven Facts Each About Bill Murray and Tom Hanks

– Bill Murray got his start on Saturday Night Live and since leaving the show has guest hosted three times.

– Tom Hanks has hosted SNL 8 times

– Tom Hanks has an asteroid named after him

– Bill Murray has a Galago named after him at the Tigerhomes Animal Sanctuary

– Bill Murray’s Bacon number is one

– Tom Hanks’ Bacon number is also one

– Tom Hanks can be reached through publicly available contact info via his own production company, Playtone Productions, his agents, his publicist, his estate attorney, or his professional attorney

– Bill Murray only fields offers for scripts and roles using a personal telephone number with a voice mailbox that he checks infrequently.

Tom Hanks crashed an engagement photo shoot for a random young couple

– So did Bill Murray

Tom Hanks went to high school in Oakland California

– Bill Murray took over a guy’s taxicab in Oakland California so the guy could practice saxophone in the back seat

Tom Hanks turned down the leading role in Groundhog Day

– Bill Murray turned down Forrest Gump