GTFO Evacuation Guide

*NOTE* Regarding the comment about stealing a car – Don’t do that on a general evacuation order pre-disaster of course. I’m not advocating car theft… But if there’s a fast-spreading fire, an incoming tsunami, or gremlins running around everywhere, I still say you’re better off facing whatever legal consequences may happen from taking a car ALIVE than being dead. Oh, and take one nobody’s trying to use, don’t be a freakin’ carjacker. Zombies, fires, monsters, aliens, failed governments… What are you going to do when the poop hits the fan? In the case of a natural disaster, fire, zombies, or giant ants, when you need to evacuate, planning ahead for your escape could mean the difference between life and death. A backpack with the right prepper supplies is key. Get the right survival pack together and your chances are better to bug out.

Here, I’ve done your prepper shopping for you. You’re welcome:
Backpack – UNIQEE Tactical Backpack –
Beef Jerky – Naked Cow Beef Jerkey –
Ramen Noodles – Nissin Instant Ramen –
Water Purification Tablets – Aquatab Water Purification Tablets –
A Canteen for Water – Military Issue 2 Quart Canteen –
First Aid Kit – Forge Weekender Kit –
Duct Tape – 3M Duct Tape –
A Butane Lighter – Scorch Torch –
Maps – US Army Map Reading Handbook –
Extra Clothes that are Light and Durable – Legion of Weirdos Shirt Shop!
A Rain Poncho – Coleman Rain Poncho –
A Sleeping Bag – Tummah Survival Mylar Thermal Bag –
Rope – Rope –
Baling Wire – Hillman Group 20 gauge –
Two Decent Size Tarps – Dry Top 10’ x 12’ Tarp –
A Hat – Columbia Booney –
A Camping Knife – Tac Force –
Disposable Wipes – CleanLife wipes –
Emergency Radio – Running Snail Solar Crank NOAA Radio –
Walkie Talkies – Komvox FRS/GMRS –

Here’s the American Red Cross first aid kit list: