HELLO and THANK YOU for taking the time to read this, just that alone means the world to me. I’m Christopher, and I created and run Legion of Weirdos, an entertainment media company on multiple platforms.


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The name Legion of Weirdos comes from the idea that you, the reader/viewer/listener, are part of the “legion” as well, along with the others on your side of the screen. We try to keep it as “audience participation” as it can be. Much of the video content is created out of suggestions from people like you. The Facebook group is a goofy and playful place for all to interact.

In the future I hope to bring more of the legion to this side of the screen. More hosts, photographers, editors, and writers. We’re just getting started here.

With support from people like you, we can do this the right way. Legion of Weirdos is meant to be a high-quality entertainment network free of clickbait tricks and cross-link SEO garbage. We create video content matched to your interests instead of following trending topics for the sake of views. We won’t inundate you with pop-up ads or take money to do product reviews or endorsements for products we don’t truly believe in.

For now, Patreon support funds will be put to use helping to cover things like website fees, conference admission, office utilities, and any incidental equipment that may be needed for production. We’re also investing a significant amount our own funds into this adventure.