Legion of Weirdos –

Party conversation education – Tired of banal conversation about the weather, your job, or that game you don’t really care about? Don’t be boring! Do you want more interesting conversation topics? We can talk about things like what people used before toilet paper, killer ladybugs, that rotting cheese with worms some Italians eat.

Stuff We Use –

Reviews of things our family uses; electronics, beauty supplies, home improvement supplies, tools, cars, toys, and more. Rather than a boring unboxing format, Stuff We Use videos are done family vlog style.

The Mast Broadcast

A vlog featuring the people behind the scenes of the Legion of Weirdos operation. Called “The Imperfect Vlog” because we don’t script our lives to an artificial perfection and there’s no cheesy theme song.

My Many Mistakes

Christopher’s story time channel about the various things that have gone wrong in his half a century on the planet; from punching his grade school crush in the nose to accidentally killing a cat as a toddler to eating way too much gummy bears.

Mini Models

Videos devoted to collecting and displaying toy and model cars, especially small die cast, as well as some 1:32 scale slot car discussion.