Best List Ever

5 Top Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are huge right now, especially the fidget spinner. I got five of the most popular toys and tried them out, compared them, and judged them on their merits or lack thereof. There are two clear winners, one solid choice, one that’s “OK”, and one that sucks.

12 Daily Time Wasters

We all do things we don’t really need to do. We can all be more efficient. It’s a shame to waste your day on silly stuff, and this video lists twelve things that are simply not worth doing (usually anyway) because they just waste time.

7 Album Covers Banned or Cancelled

7 Album Covers That Got Banned or Cancelled – What seems like a good idea initially doesn’t always work out that way. Censor problems, logistics, and marketing opinions… that’s rock and roll. Bob Marley, Blind Faith, Chumbawamba, Kanye West, The Sex Pistols, Bon Jovi, and The Beatles.

Dwarfs, Giants, and Buggy Eyes

Dwarfs, Giants, and Buggy Eyes – 5 Actors Who Made the Best of Physical Differences – Peter Dinklage, Marty Feldman, DJ Qualls, Andre the Giant, and Michael Berryman all embraced their physical differences to craft their acting careers. I also throw in a special mention of Adam Pearson and the Munchkins.

13 Towns with Scary Names

America’s scariest sounding town names, and a few of them are actually kind of scary. With names like Deadhorse, Bloody Springs, Frankenstein, and Fresh Kills, these are some of the most uniquely named places in the country. Some are ghost towns and some are still thriving.

6 Comics with Hot Wives and Girlfriends

Everyone knows rock stars get the pretty girls. Did you know that rule sometimes also applies to comedians and comedic actors? The wives and girlfriends of the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, David Cross, Larry the Cable Guy, Emo Philips, and Jonah Hill may surprise you.

Sexist Ads – Vintage Misogyny in Advertising – Coupledom Podcast Preview

This week we did something a little bit different. Carolina and I set up the podcast gear and had a conversation about various vintage sexist ads. The conversation is very similar to our Coupledom Podcast, which is going through a “reboot” starting Wednesday. Come join us for the Misogyny.

5 YouTube Gurus – Grow your channel with the help of these experts

Sources for YouTube tips and advice seem like they’re a dime a dozen, and they are… But here are five experts who stand out in the social media guru genre to provide quality suggestions and tutorials to help grow your youtube channel and grow your brand.
Nick Nimmin –
Roberto Blake –
THiNK Media TV –
Video Creators –
Derral Eves –

Colombia Facts #2 ?? More about Colombia

Colombia isn’t probably what you think it is, especially if you’ve never traveled. What you know about Colombia probably comes from movies, TV, rumors, and crappy pieces. The real Colombia is a vibrant and beautiful place with much to offer. Can it be dangerous? Yes, just like Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Oakland. There’s plenty of history and culture to be experienced if you travel there, and you might be surprised to find they have a booming tourism industry! Also, in the more popular areas many people speak English, so you don’t really need to learn that much Spanish. So sit back and take in the fun facts about one of South America’s greatest countries.

17 YouTube Tips that Work – Grow your YouTube channel

I’ve been combing through all the vlogs and books and guru channels trying to learn how to get Youtube subscribers and increase YouTube views. This video is about the 17 YouTube tips that have been helping me grow my youtube channel. Also, here are the links I mentioned:
Vickie Eisenstein –
vidIQ –
Five YouTube and social media advice gurus I like:
Nick Nimmin –
Roberto Blake –
THiNK Media TV –
Video Creators –
Derral Eves –

7 Stupid Radio DJ Pranks and Mistakes

The 7 stupidest radio DJ promtions and pranks. From switching prizes to public sex to pranks to just saying awful things, this week we list off the worst radio dj mistakes. From holding your wee to Don Imus and more.

8 Misattributed Quotes – Einstein Didn’t Say That, Silly!

The internet is full of insightful, humorous, and poignant quotes. The problem is many of them are misattributed. Einstein didn’t say that thing about the definition of insanity. Neither did Mark Twain.

14 Top New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is the time when we all decide to do better for ourselves… for a while anyway. You might make a 2017 resolution to quit drinking or lose weight or travel… you might resolve to make no resolutions. Here’s a list of everyone’s top picks.

19 Rock Stars’ Real Names – from Bowie to Gene Simmons to Freddie Mercury

Stage names are a part of the rock and roll business. You can’t be a rock star with a name like Myron Grombacher… oh wait, he’s kind of a well known drummer. But think of how well he’d have done with a good stage name! Most musicians change their name for show business, and here are 19 examples. Bowie to Freddie Mercury to Flea…