The word “weird” comes from the old English “wyrd” meaning “having the power to control destiny.” To the Anglo-Saxons, it was the concept of fate, irrepressible and relentless. In modern times, “weird” is used to describe the uncanny, unusual, or unconventional. At legion of weirdos, we take pride in striving for weirdness. Excellent weirdness.

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The Crew

Christopher –   Editor, webmaster, video maker, cohost of the Coupledom podcast. diaper changer, and dog washer. Before that a musician touring the US and playing to audiences of dozens.

0005Carolina – Cohost of the Coupledom podcast and business manager. She’s also the proofreader, content advisor, writer of reality checks, fitness trainer, scheduling, translation, South American liaison, and wardrobe.

Nicole – Recreational affairs, product durability testing, etiquette consultant, fashion, hair, youth relations, and an endless source of inspiration and exasperation.

Mariana – Newbie / Unpaid Intern