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Spigen Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review

Spigen’s Bluetooth Selfie Stick is the perfect accessory for someone wanting a compact and simple device. Spigen Bluetooth Selfie...

60869506 - high angle view of security guard sleeping in front of multiple computers showing cctv footage

8 Ways Tech Makes You Lazy

Reading a map, remembering phone numbers, and going to the library all used to be part of normal life. Not so much anymore. Maps are now...

murdermuppetsLOW copy

The Muppets’ Violent Past

One of the first muppets was a murderous psychopath. Cookie Monster used to eat snack crackers, back when he still had teeth. Kermit used...


Rode VideoMic Me Review

I bought the Rode VideoMic Me thinking it would greatly improve the sound of video I make with my phone. The sad truth is, for most...

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